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Streamlining logistics and compliance

Efficiency is one of the critical pillars in any fulfillment and warehousing operation, and our focus on it is fundamental to our business.


In addition to its physical security, Otter Logistics utilizes state-of-the-art data security and encryption, providing the critical protection you need.


The Otter platform helps manage compliance and reporting, and stores all your product and order data in a single, easily-accessible system.


You want a partner that can scale with your own growth. The Otter platform benefits from years of development in regulated industries, and has processed millions of transactions.

Kudu benefits both buyers and sellers

Otter scales with you

As Medicinal Cannabis becomes mainstream, it will require powerful, sophisticated systems like any other industry
An enterprise class solution for cannabis

Distribution and fulfillment is fraught with complexity in any industry. In the world of cannabis, those complexities are magnified several times, and suppliers, growers, cultivators, and manufacturers need a rock solid solution they can trust. Otter Logistics provides a proven and scalable platform to its customers, ensuring that they are able to maximize growth, and focus on what they do best.

  • Continued Growth

    A recent Gallup poll suggests 58% of people surveyed were in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana, up from 25% only 20 years ago. With annual growth rates of close to 30%, the market could top $25 billion by 2020.

  • A needed solution

    Industry sources estimate as much as 94% of all growers do not have sufficient distribution solution in place.

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